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Avoiding Common Workers' Compensation Mistakes

Protect Your Claim with Our Knowledgeable Glendale Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Those filing for and receiving workers' compensation are often doing so for the first time in their lives. Without proper guidance, it can be difficult to know what the laws and policies surrounding these programs are and far too many deserving claimants are denied their benefits due to infractions they did not know were prohibited. At the Law Offices of Wax & Wax, we understand that filing for and receiving workers' compensation benefits is new territory for many claimants. That is why we offer knowledgeable counsel backed by over 100 years collective legal experience in this practice area to clients who need their best interests looked after.

Whether you are ready to file or need help with a denied or terminated claim, our proven Glendale workers' compensation lawyers can help. Call us at 818.946.0608 today.

Three Common Workers' Compensation Mistakes

In order to have your workers' comp claim accepted and remain in compliance, certain policies need to be followed. While many claimants find these restrictions frustrating, they are put in place by state law and the workers' comp providers to ensure that each claim is truthful and properly managed.

The most common mistakes workers' comp claimants make include:

  • Waiting too long to notify your employer. In many cases, work accidents are serious enough that employers become immediately aware of them—especially if medical care is needed at the workplace. In other instances, though, it is up to the injured worker to notify their employer within 30 days of their injury. For those workers dealing with lingering injuries that they are not sure call for a claim, waiting too long will not only welcome suspicion but, after 30 days, disqualify them from filing.
  • Ignoring medical advice. Before your claim is even approved, you will have to see a doctor appointed by your workers' comp provider. Not only will this doctor assess your condition, but also begin to outline treatment for your recovery. Whether during this assessment process or any time after your claim is approved it is found that you're ignoring the advice of doctors, it is likely that your worker's comp claim will be denied or terminated.
  • Lying about your medical history. It is possible to receive workers' compensation for a medical condition that was aggravated by your job. However, to do so, you must have been completely transparent about that pre-existing condition throughout every step of the process. That means in your initial claim, during your medical assessment and treatment, and, if required, at the start of job in question if you were asked to provide medical information with your application.

Need to carefully avoid these and other common mistakes that can derail a workers' compensation claim? Need to challenge a denial or termination of your benefits? Contact us today to request a free case evaluation.