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Toxic Exposure at the Workplace

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Many occupations in California and throughout the United States are associated with the risk of harmful exposure to toxic chemicals by workers who come in constant contact with them. Industries such as construction, mechanical repairs, hospital work, fabrication, and airline work are typically vulnerable to toxic exposure. While federal guidelines are in place to protect workers, accidents still occur, resulting in serious and fatal injuries.

If you suffered an injury or illness due to toxic chemical exposure, the Law Office of Wax & Wax is committed to helping you recover workers’ compensation benefits. With more than 100 years of collective experience, our Glendale workers’ compensation attorneys can thoroughly review your case and determine all of your legal options.

Seeking Workers’ Comp Benefits for Your Injuries

Occupational diseases are injuries and illnesses derived from working conditions. Employees who sustain an occupational disease are eligible for workers’ compensation. However, if a negligent third party – such as a chemical manufacturer – is also liable, the employee may file a separate personal injury lawsuit for additional monetary damages.

The following are common toxic substances which can harm workers:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Benzene
  • Acids
  • Mercury
  • Beryllium
  • Cadmium
  • Industrial paint
  • Silica
  • Perennial talc

Inhaling fumes, skin contact with strong chemicals, or accidentally swallowing a harmful substance cause result in several illnesses, which can be life-threatening. Common injuries suffered from toxic exposure include cancers, chemical burns, rashes, brain damage, and neurological complications.

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