What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Board Certified Attorney in Workers' Compensation Law?

There are a lot of lawyers out there who claim that they “specialize” in workers compensation law. However, many of these attorneys are more like generalist. This is because they lack the focus and necessary hands on experience that is needed to handle all aspects of a workers’ compensation claim. Don’t let yourself be fooled by these imposters, instead, hire a board certified attorney who can anticipate the issues that frequently occur in this area of law.

To be a board certified legal specialist, a lawyer must demonstrate their excellence through numerous tests. This task is difficult to accomplish, which is why you can trust the quality of the legal knowledge that is possessed by a board certified workers’ compensation attorney.

In order to become board certified, a lawyer must have:

  • Passed rigorous written exams
  • Met specific task requirements
  • Demonstrated their years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases
  • Received favorable assessments by judges and lawyers familiar with their work
  • Completed at least 45 hours of continuing education
  • Practiced workers' compensation law for at least 25% of the time they’ve been in practice
  • Be in good standing with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board

Workers’ compensation insurance companies have defense attorneys assigned to defend them against you and your workers’ comp claim. These lawyers are usually highly experienced when it comes to the complexities of workers’ comp law. They know what to expect from these types of cases. This is why it is important to have a board certified attorney by your side.

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