How Can I Make My Workers' Comp Case Move Along Faster?

After you have filed for workers’ compensation benefits, it can seem like an eternity before your case begins to see any signs of progress. Workers' comp cases take some time and require a good amount of patience. In fact, the cases commonly take serval months before a resolution can be reached. Although workers’ compensation cases can be lengthy, there are a few things that you can do to get your case moving at a quicker pace.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Having an attorney by your side is one way to ensure that your case gets the attention that it deserves. However, you shouldn’t just hire any attorney that you find online. Instead, you should seek out a board-certified lawyer who focuses on workers’ compensation law. Qualified attorneys know how to resolve your case quickly, and can help you avoid the common mistakes that lead to unnecessary delays. You should immediately speak with our Glendale team of lawyers if you need help moving your workers’ comp case along.

Try Not to Reschedule Important Dates

Attending depositions, medical examinations, mediations and other events, are a huge part of the worker’s comp process. Lawyers and insurance companies schedule these required events around their own schedules. Although it can be frustrating if their scheduling doesn’t quite line up with your own, rescheduling these appointments cause significant delays in your case. Only reschedule workers’ comp related appointments when it is absolutely necessary.

Ask About Settlement Offers

Workers’ comp cases resolve more quickly when the parties involved reach a settlement agreement. An experienced attorney will keep you informed about any offers that come in. Remember, you are not obligated to accept these offers.

Has your workers’ compensation case stalled? Need help getting it moving again? We can help. Contact our Glendale team of workers compensation attorneys to learn how we can assist you today.