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New California Law Requires Injured Workers to Speak with Workers' Comp Lawyers

There has been a significant change to California workers’ compensation law and regulations that you might not have noticed. Due to the recent passing of a bill, a new regulation requires that injured workers meet with or personally speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer licensed in California. Impersonal meetings, or discussions with paralegals or assistants, do not constitute the direct meetings mandated by this new regulation. Indeed, such impersonal meetings can lead to dishonest business practices carried about by certain law firms.

The legal change also requires that an injured employee be advised of the district office at which their case will be filed. Additionally, workers’ compensation law firms must add new language to fee disclosure statements that describe the new requirements.

The stated purpose of the new regulation is providing more information to injured employees and giving clarity to the workers’ compensation process as a whole. By talking directly with a licensed California workers’ compensation lawyer, the injured worker should be able to get a clearer idea of their rights in such a delicate situation. This regulation was also created in part due to a number of dishonest law firms across the state fielding inquiries hastily, pushing a client to settle too early. In many incidents, records and reports related to the employee’s accident have not even been developed, meaning there is no way to know how much compensation is deserved, yet an untrustworthy attorney or law firm will still try to tell the client to settle.

Please be careful when you seek out the help of a workers’ compensation law firm. Not meeting with an experienced and honest attorney unfairly hurts your chances of getting the workers’ compensation benefits you need and deserve.

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