Can I Sue My Employer for a Workplace Injury?

Following a workplace accident, you are likely confused and overwhelmed with the prospect of pursuing the compensation you deserve. Due to the stressful and urgent nature of the situation, you may be further unsure of whether you should fight for workers’ compensation benefits through your employer’s insurance or by pursuing litigation in court. Determining the best course of action for your particular situation is based upon the details of your case.

If your employer was directly at fault for your accident, they may be held liable for the injuries they have caused. Typically, you lose the right to your workers’ compensation benefits if you sue your employer. However, there are rare exceptions to this rule and they include:

  • If your injury was caused by your employer’s extreme negligence, such as failing to provide adequate equipment or training materials
  • If your injury was caused by a negligent 3rd-party who is not employed by your company, such as a contractor, vendor, chemical or equipment manufacturer, etc.

One of the most important benefits of pursuing a lawsuit against your employer for a workplace injury is that you are allowed the option to seek additional damages for pain and suffering. If you choose to settle for workers’ compensation benefits without a lawsuit, you will not be eligible for noneconomic damages.

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