How Do I Prepare For An IME?

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When there are issues or disputes over your workers’ compensation benefits, you’ll be asked to undergo an independent medical exam (IME). These exams are done by the doctor your employer or employer’s insurance company hires – he or she will ask you about your condition, the accident, and the extent of your impairment. Because the outcome of an IME can significantly impact your workers’ compensation case, it’s important that you are well prepared.

Know Your Medical History

The doctor will be given your medical records beforehand and will ask you a series of questions regarding past injuries. Before your appointment, take time to familiarize yourself with your medical history. While it’s important that you don’t hide any past injuries, you shouldn’t downplay them either.

How did the accident happen?

Time and time again, you’ll be asked to go over how your accident happened – and an IME is no exception. Try and remember every detail of your accident because it’s likely the examiner wants an in-depth account of what happened. Even though workers’ compensation operates on a “no-fault” system, the doctor will want to make sure the accident is work-related.

Review Your Course of Treatment

What medication have you been prescribed? How many procedures have you had done? You don’t need to memorize every specific part of your treatment, but you should have a general understanding of the type of treatment you’ve received and when you received it.

Bring a Friend

Bringing a trusted friend or relative to the exam can prove to be very beneficial. Ask them to take notes during the exam, but to not interject. Should there be any discrepancies regarding how the exam went, you’ll be thankful you had a witness present.

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