"Why Was My Workers' Comp Claim Denied?"

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Workers' compensation claims face a tremendous amount of scrutiny once they are submitted by a claimant. Because of this, even legitimate claims can be denied, leaving deserving workers without the benefits they need to recover from their workplace injury. Below, we take a look at some of the most common reasons a claim will be denied upon its first submission.

Late Filings

In California, most workplace injury filings need to be submitted less than one year from the time the injury occurred. There are some exceptions, such as cases where there is a cumulative injury inflicted over time or when a worker did not realize they had sustained an injury. Speak with a Glendale workers' comp attorney to learn what that statute of limitations on your particular claim is.

Thin Documentation

It is always recommended that your claim be prepared as thoroughly and compellingly as possible-- which means providing significant medical evidence of your injury and your inability to work. Many workers believe that just because an injury is substantial, insurers will recognize the need for benefits. This is rarely the case, so detailed, specific claims are recommended.

Employer Disputes

Unfortunately, workers' compensation claims put workers and their employers in conflict with one another. Paying out workers' comp benefits means that insurance rates for the employer will rise-- meaning that many of them want to minimize these claims as much as possible. If your employer is challenging your workers' comp claim, then it is time to seek legal counsel.

Insurer Resistance

Insurance providers also have a financial interest in limiting the number of benefits they pay for. This means that they will place claims under enormous scrutiny before deciding to provide workers' comp benefits. If you have received a denial for your workers' claim, there are avenues you can take to appeal the decision.

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