Can I Get Workers' Comp If I Quit My Job?


Accidents happen, but when they do, it always seems like it’s at the most inopportune time. What if you’ve been thinking about leaving your job for a while, but you unexpectedly get hurt before you can put your 2 weeks in?

While employment laws vary, most states require businesses to carry some form of workers’ compensation to cover work-related injuries. If you can prove your injury is work-related, generally you are entitled to workers’ comp, even if you decide to quit at a later time. However, there are exceptions that could affect how much workers’ comp benefits you receive if you quit after a workers’ comp claim.

Medical Treatment

Regardless of whether you quit or not, you are still entitled to receive medical treatment for a workers’ compensation injury. If a doctor places you on a work restriction for your injury, you will also receive payments for lost time.

Temporary Disability (TD) Payments

Payments for temporary disability supplement lost wages of a worker who is recovering from a work-related injury. If you quit while receiving TD payments, you lose the right to this money.

Partial Permanent Disability (PPD) Payments

If your injury ends up being partially permanent, you will receive money in addition to the temporary disability payments. These payments last as long as the doctor reports the injury’s restrictions and you are out of work. If you quit while receiving these benefits, the payments may end.

Permanent Disability Payments

Finally, if you incur a permanent disability on the job, you are entitled to receive payments or a lump sum settlement. If you quit your job, permanent disability payments will not be affected—only TD and PPD payments.

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