How Long Does A Workers' Comp Case Take?


Although the workers’ comp system is intended to streamline the compensation process for injured workers, a common complaint among people filing their claims is that the process moves at too slowly of a pace. In this blog, we explain how long the average workers’ comp case can take and the factors that can impact the length of a case.

Average Duration

According to a recent survey, the average time it takes to resolve a workers’ compensation case is 15.7 months. This data includes cases with voluntary settlements and those that were decided by a hearing with a judge. For 50% of workers, resolving their case took between 13 and 24 months, while just 19% of workers were able to resolve their case in less than 6 months.

Although this process can be time consuming, there are ways to receive some benefits before a workers’ comp case is officially resolved. In some circumstances, a claimant can get temporary disability payments to replace part of their lost wages.

Other factors that can affect the length of a workers’ comp case include:

  • An Insurance Company Disputes Permanent Disability
  • The Injured Worker Hires a Lawyer
  • The Worker Seeks a Higher Settlement or Award

Common Workers’ Comp Delays

Research has shown that the number one cause of workers’ comp case delays is that the employer or insurance company is simply not moving quickly enough. Insurance companies can stall a workers’ compensation case in a number of ways, such as:

  • Taking Additional Time to Investigate a Claim
  • Denying or Ignoring Requests for Medical Treatment
  • Being Slow to Schedule Important Events

These tactics are designed to frustrate workers into giving up on their claim and settling for a lower benefit amount.

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