CA Labor & Workforce Development Agency Responds to Trump Repeal of DACA


The Trump Administration recently announced its plan to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program after providing Congress several months to come up with other legislative ways to “protect” the Dreamers, or undocumented immigrant children – many now adults – who benefit from DACA. It has sparked significant controversy throughout the United States for sociopolitical reasons. A handful of states, including California, have already filed lawsuits to challenge the decision.

California Labor and Workforce Development Agency Secretary David M. Lanier has also reacted to the DACA rescindment announcement. He sent out a press release that explained that nothing about the elimination of DACA mandates that employers in California need to immediately re-verify work authorization documents of Dreamers. Indeed, if an employer demands the re-verification of such paperwork without proper authority, only citing the removal of DACA, it could be seen as a direct violation of California employment law.

The press release issued by Mr. Lanier also stated that the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) intends to spread awareness of typical workplace protections so that Dreamers can know their rights. The LWDA often works directly with companies, unions, and members of the public for its policy awareness campaigns. The Department of Industrial Relations and the California Department of Social Services (Immigration Branch) are both also offering assistance for Dreamers who are concerned how the announcement and eventual rescindment, if it does come to fruition, will affect their ability to work and live within the country.

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