Workers' Comp Insurance Rating Bureau Release Annual State of the System Report


Insurance Industry Reports Heightened Costs Stemming from IMR and IBR Processes

According to an annual report put out by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau, the total costs associated with independent medical reviews (IMRs) and independent bill reviews (IBRs) have increased.

Despite reduced insurance premiums and fewer claims being filed, IMRs and IBRs are costing more. This is due in no small part to the IMR regulations the insurance industry imposed upon itself. The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association made it publicly clear that new IMR regulations would cost the insurance industry more money, and their assertions have proven correct.

What IMR and IBR Regulations Mean for Injured Workers

Their rigid, complicated, and now rather extended IMR process is also problematic for injured workers. It creates a major delay in care and forces injured workers to continue waiting and racking up medical costs. The average length of workers’ temporary disability periods have also grown under these new regulations, forcing IMR and IBR costs up even further.

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