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What to Do When You're Unhappy with Your Workers' Comp Doctor

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What to Do When You Don’t Like, Or Disagree with, Your Doctor

If you are dealing with a work-related injury or illness and receive dismissive or inadequate care from the assigned physician, there are steps to take to protect yourself. It is not uncommon for workers’ compensation doctors to brush off work related injuries, to not take patients seriously, and to be unsympathetic. The amount of “fake” injuries that plague the system makes workers’ comp doctor’s jobs extremely hard and they undoubtedly feel pressure from employers to make sure your injury is valid.

This does not excuse bad behavior, so taking steps to protect yourself and to provide reason for seeking alternative care will help your case. If you feel you are receiving unfair treatment or need professional advice, our workers’ compensation attorneys can provide experienced legal counsel and can work with you to make sure that your claim is handled correctly.

Cover Your Bases at Your Next Appointment

When your workers’ compensation doctor appointments are not going as you would like them to, try these tips to make them more beneficial, and to cover your bases if the outcome is negative.

  • Bring a friend or family member: Having a “witness” with you can help to keep a physician from behaving in a less-than-professional way.
  • Be nice, no matter what: If your doctor is being rude, insulting, or brushing you off, try to remain calm and be nice. Keep your own slate clean in case your claim goes to a court decision. Request that the staff schedule you with a different doctor for your next appointment, if possible.
  • Take Notes: Writing things down as they happen will help you document anything that is inappropriate, but it will also show the physician that you are serious and paying attention. This act alone may change their behavior. Along with notes on treatment and medical advice, write down the doctor’s tone and duration of each visit.
  • Seek a second opinion: Request a second opinion with a different insurance-approved physician. If this new doctor agrees/disagrees with your current doctor, proceed from there.
  • Ask if you can have a nurse present: This will provide a second set of ears as well as give you the chance to ask for clarification from someone other than the doctor, if needed.

Call Our Team for Professional Help: 818-946-0608

Although workers’ compensation insurance providers have the right to choose your physician, you are entitled to a competent doctor who takes your injury seriously. When you are receiving inadequate care, let our team help. Our workers’ compensation lawyers at the Law Offices of Wax & Wax can handle correspondence with your physicians, workers’ comp insurance provider, and your employer to make sure that you are receiving the care and consideration that you deserve. Being out of work, and in pain, is frustrating enough—don’t let a dismissive doctor make things worse.

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