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Common Injuries Among Factory Workers

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Factory workers must deal with numerous safety hazards in their workplace that can potentially cause serious injury. Whether you work in the food packaging industry or car manufacturing industry, factory workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer a work-related injury. Even injuries that develop over time can be covered by workers’ compensation. Below, we list some of the common factory worker injuries that were reported by The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Repetitive Motion Injuries: When a worker does the same movement over and over, day after day, they can develop soft tissue injuries that cause chronic pain and other health problems.
  • Transportation Injuries: Accidents involving forklifts and other small vehicles used to transport items around the factory cause a substantial number of injuries each year.
  • Overexertion: Factory work requires some employees to stand and work for an extensive amount of time, which can sometimes result in musculoskeletal disorders caused by overexertion.
  • Fires & Explosions: Manufacturing plants often have flammable and highly combustible materials that can make a workplace fire even deadlier.
  • Struck by Object Injuries: Factory workers must use dangerous equipment that can result in crushing injuries and amputated limbs.

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