Special Needs Educators & Work Injuries


Your Student Inflicted Injury Qualifies for Workers’ Comp

As a special needs educator or school employee, you face situations that are out of the ordinary more often than others in the education system. Some of these situations are dangerous or violent in nature. You may suffer a student inflicted injury while at work, one that requires medical attention, and it may qualify for workers’ compensation. You deserve compensation for your work-related injury, let us help you ensure that your claims are processed correctly and that you receive the compensation needed to cover your medical bills and other subsequent expenses. Our team of Glendale workers’ compensation lawyers can help you fight for what you deserve when workers’ compensation companies are not handling your case fairly or efficiently.

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Special Needs Education and Dangerous Situations

The risks that special needs educators and employees face are often a case of inadequate information or training, or a lack of preventative measures. Your safety and that of the students is of utmost importance while maintaining the right to an education for all. Knowing the risks and being prepared is key in a special needs educational situation.

Some common dangers include:

  • Lack of Information: It is important for special needs teachers and aids to know about a student’s history of violence, if there are certain triggers to outbursts or if there is a specific interaction to look out for. If a student has been removed from another school due to an incident, it is important for the new teacher to be informed.
  • Inadequate Training or Staffing: Teachers or aids who do not have adequate training for defense in violent situations, or who are unprepared to avoid an attack, will suffer injuries such as biting, scratching, punching or kicking. Additionally, if a school or event is understaffed, teachers are left alone, when they would be much safer with a helper in dangerous situations. This is especially true when a student is bigger than a teacher or aid, such as a high school or college student.
  • Safety While Traveling: Students may be feeling vulnerable on a bus or in a travel situation because of the change in environment. Bus drivers and on-board staff are at risk due to the movement of the vehicle, the enclosed space and the close proximity of the student to other passengers. School busses and transportation often require additional staff to accompany special needs student for this reason.

Injured by a Student While at Work? We Can Help.

It is an unfortunate truth that educators and employees who work with special needs children are more likely to get hurt on the job due to student inflicted injuries. Special education teachers are exposed to dangerous situations more often than their standard education counterparts. You deserve to have the medical attention and care needed for on the job trauma and injury. Our Glendale workers’ compensation attorneys are ready to help you seek the compensation that you need to cover your expenses and possible lost wages due to an on the job injury.

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