Can I Get Workers' Compensation for Depression?


Sometimes, a workplace accident or injury is so devastating that it affects the victim in more ways than one. Depending on the circumstances of your on the job injury, you may be suffering from a far more than just physical consequences. In fact, the majority of injured employees experience some sort of mental or emotional difficulty in the aftermath of what they have endured. Depression is extremely common for injured employees, especially depending on the severity of the trauma associated with the incident. The state of California protects injured workers across a wide range of injuries, including depression and other forms of mental anguish. However, proving the source and extent of your injury can prove quite complicated.

While depression and anxiety were once accepted as intangible and unimportant, the law has changed with the times and now recognizes just how debilitating these injuries can be. Unfortunately, depression is extremely common in people dealing with traumatic or unexpected injuries resulting in chronic pain and disability. Injured employees who are bedridden or unable to earn a living wage are prime examples of legitimate psychological injury

While you may have to fight harder to prove the authenticity of your depression or anxiety, it can be done.

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