What Are the Penalties for Workers' Compensation Fraud?


Unexpected injuries or accidents are rampant in the workplace, and workers’ compensation benefits exist to protect those in need of assistance and care after the fact. Though rare, workers’ compensation fraud happens. Filing a fraudulent claim to recover these benefits will result in substantial civil and criminal consequences, including jail time and fines.

Examples of Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Establishing exactly what is considered illegal is vital before claiming fraud. In workers’ compensation, fraud occurs when an employee exaggerates or makes false statements regarding a claim for payment of workers’ compensation benefits. While fraud does happen, many innocent employees suffer the loss of benefits because they are misclassified as independent contractors.

The following are examples of workers’ compensation fraud, including:

  • Faking or exaggerating an injury
  • Claiming an injury has not yet healed
  • Claiming an off-site injury occurred at work
  • Claiming an inability to work while working for another employer
  • Colluding with a healthcare professional to falsify medical records

Workers’ compensation fraud is not often committed by employees, despite public perception. The insurance industry will go to great lengths to deny eligible claims under a misguided or false pretense of fraud.

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