What to Do if a Portion of Your Workers' Compensation Claim is Denied


Workers’ compensation is unfortunately not a guarantee for all work injury cases. For a number of reasons — such as the failure to prove the injury’s relation to work or neglecting to follow certain processes — your claim could be denied. If your employer denies your claim completely, you have the right to file an appeal. But what can you do if your workers’ compensation claim is only partially denied?

It’s possible that your employer’s insurance company will accept your claim, but deny you coverage for a specific type of treatment. Partial claim denials can be appealed, but the process could differ from the process of appealing a complete claim denial.

Types of Partial Workers’ Compensation Claim Denials

Like any insurance provider, there are limits to what is and isn’t covered by your employee’s insurance company. Although your original offer for workers’ compensation benefits may provide some coverage, you may not receive coverage for certain things.

Your employer’s insurance company may provide you with some workers’ compensation benefits, but deny coverage for:

  • A single injury (possibly if it is related to a preexisting condition)
  • Treatment (such as a certain type of surgery, medication, or rehabilitation)
  • A medical provider

Why Was this Portion of Your Claim Denied?

To begin your process of appealing a partial workers’ compensation claim denial, you will need to understand why that piece of your coverage was denied in the first place. Often, claims are denied because your employer does not believe your injury was work-related. The insurance company may believe certain injuries were caused by your work, but deny the occupational relation of other injuries. In cases of treatment denials, it’s possible that the insurance company believes that treatment is not necessary. When coverage for a medical care provider is denied, it may be because that provider is not approved by the company or the workers’ compensation board.

Establishing Your Case for Coverage

Once you understand the reason for your claim denial, you can begin establishing a case to combat the denial. You will need to provide evidence of your injury’s work relation or proof of why you require the treatment or medical provider that was rejected.

Partial workers’ compensation claim denials can be appealed to the state workers’ compensation board, similar to the process of appealing total claim denials. In many cases, the testimony of an expert witness (such as your doctor) can establish the qualifications of your case. Our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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