Workers' Compensation Timeline: Accepted vs. Denied Claims


In the immediate aftermath of a work accident, receiving medical treatment and reporting your injuries to your employer are the first things you should do. Beyond these crucial steps, your path to receiving your compensation will differ depending on if your employer and their insurance company accept or deny your claim. Claim denials add several extra steps to the workers’ compensation claim process, because you will need to appeal your case in order to receive your benefits. Regardless of where you are in your workers’ compensation claim, the assistance of our attorneys is essential.

Timeline for Accepted Workers’ Compensation Claims

If your workers’ compensation claim is accepted, the subsequent processes will generally focus on establishing the terms of your coverage plan. You will work with your employer and their insurance company to determine how much you will be paid, over what period of time, and other details.

If your workers’ compensation claim is accepted, the timeline of your case will generally follow these steps:

  • Receive an assessment from your medical care provider, and begin gathering evidence
  • File a claim for benefits
  • Discuss terms with your employer and their insurance company
  • Reach an agreement
  • Begin receiving periodic payments or a settlement
  • If applicable, reach maximum medical improvement and return to work

Timeline for Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Following a workers’ compensation claim denial, you will need to begin the process of appealing your claim so you can recover benefits. Rather than negotiating terms, you will need to work to get your claim accepted in the first place. The appeals process will differ from the process of negotiating an accepted claim, because you will likely need to involve the local workers’ compensation board.

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you will need to follow these processes to appeal your case:

  • File an appeal request
  • Await approval from the state workers’ compensation board
  • Engage in mediation with your employer and their insurance company
  • Complete your hearing/trial

No matter what step of your workers’ compensation claim you are in, the Law Offices of Wax & Wax legal team can help. Even if you anticipate your claim being accepted, hiring an attorney is still necessary. It is possible that your claim could be denied, but our lawyers can help with more than workers’ compensation hearings and trials. We are committed to helping throughout the process, with the goal of recovering the benefits you deserve!

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