The Importance of Following Your Doctor’s Advice After a Work Injury

moustached man pulls rubber band in physical therapy

Disobeying your doctor’s treatment orders for a work injury will have negative consequences beyond the health implications. Although you may begin feeling better while you’re still in treatment, it is crucial to continue following your doctor’s advice — failing to do so could impact your workers’ compensation claim.

Your Claim Could Be Denied

If you are involved in a workers’ compensation claim, you will need to regularly visit a doctor to treat your injuries. Treatment that is mandated through the workers’ compensation system not only provides medical attention to the injury victim but contributes to the claim by establishing a record of the injury progression.

The importance of documented medical treatment in a workers’ compensation claim is why following that treatment exactly as your doctor advised is crucial. Any deviations from the agreed-upon treatment plan could indicate to your employer’s insurance company that you are exaggerating your injuries, thus warranting a denial of your claim.

Your Benefits Could Be Terminated

Not completing initial medical treatment while your claim is still being discussed could be a reason for the workers’ compensation insurance company to deny your claim, but it could potentially also be a reason for your benefits to be revoked after you begin receiving benefits.

As well as indicating potential dishonesty on behalf of the injury victim, not participating in treatment could signal to a workers’ compensation insurance company that an injured employee does not need coverage. If an employee is already receiving workers’ compensation benefits, it is still essential to continue treatment. The main purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is to provide coverage for medical bills, so not utilizing those resources could cause the insurance company to terminate your compensation.

What if I Don’t Like My Appointed Work Injury Doctor?

Workers’ compensation claimants are almost always required to visit a doctor that is approved by the insurance company. A patient may not like their doctor, but you should not cease treatment. It is possible to switch doctors — this option should be considered above avoiding treatment. If you do not like your workers’ compensation doctor, you can inquire about choosing another medical provider from the approved doctor list.

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