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Is Coronavirus a Valid Reason to File for Workers’ Compensation?

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 continues to be a worry for Americans across the country. Not only are people afraid for their health, but they also are concerned about what will happen to their finances if they have to miss work due to testing positive for COVID0-19.

Many are understandably asking, “Can I get workers’ compensation if I am diagnosed with the coronavirus?” For many, the answer is likely no. However, taking a closer look at the reasoning behind that answer is important.

The Coronavirus is Spreading Widely & Invisibly

At this time, it is difficult for medical professionals and disease control specialists to positively identify the first signs of COVID-19 in a patient. The vast majority of people – around 80% - may be invisible carriers of the coronavirus because they never exhibit any strong symptoms. Instead, they have a slight cough and fever that can easily be reduced with an off-the-shelf painkiller.

Invisible carriers pose a threat to the health of more vulnerable people whenever they go out in public, though. They might not show any symptoms and think it is fine to go to work, not realizing they are potentially spreading the virus to others.

This widespread prevalence of COVID-19 that is “invisible” in many cases works against people trying to file for workers’ compensation benefits after contracting the virus. To get workers’ compensation benefits, you need to be able to show that your injury or illness occurred due to your regular work duties or while you were on-the-job. Tracing the origin of your COVID-19 exposure is effectively impossible at this time. Therefore, workers’ comp insurance providers would be quick to deny your claim by arguing you likely caught the coronavirus outside of work, such as while interacting with friends and family or while going shopping.

What About Occupational Illnesses?

Most workers’ compensation policies due include provisions for occupational illnesses. In summary, an occupational illness is any medical condition or diagnosable health problem – like a virus – that is assumed to be contracted at work and because of the claimant’s work. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and others in the medical field are usually the only types of workers who can file for workers’ compensation based on coming down with an occupational illness, such as one they caught from a sick patient they helped as part of their job.

With this in mind, if you are in the medical field and get tested positive for COVID-19, then you likely have a real chance of getting workers’ compensation benefits. Several insurance companies have already confirmed that they will extend coverage to first responders and others who are called to assist people who have or are suspected to have the coronavirus.

Is Your Claim Eligible? Find Out Today

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