Why Is Halloween So Dangerous?

Halloween is one of the deadliest holidays for motorists, but why? What conditions turn a spooky holiday into something out of a horror movie? Keep reading to find out.

Natural Causes

One of the reasons why Halloween is so dangerous is weather. October is an unpredictable time of year as the final vestiges of summer fade away and the creep of cool air begins. Precipitation may also be common at during the month as colder weather brings rain, fog, and even hail.

The tug of war between summer and fall is complicated, and the results may be disastrous. For drivers at higher elevations, precipitation can obstruct their field of vision and create hazardous road conditions. For those living in valleys, low lying fog makes a normal route completely unrecognizable especially at night.


In addition to difficult weather, more people are active during the Halloween season. Whether it is fall festivals, spooky events, or trick or treating on Halloween night, there are more drivers and pedestrians than unusual in some areas.

Halloween night is a busy one for pedestrians and motorists alike. The key difference is the fact that Halloween pedestrians are primarily children and are harder to spot. Children are smaller and move more unpredictably than adults and may be wearing dark costumes with little visible features. These factors can affect a driver’s ability to see danger soon enough to avoid it.


In addition to being a fun holiday for kids, Halloween is a notoriously rowdy holiday for adults as well. There are house parties to attend, office parties to go to, and endless options for clubbing and drinking on All Hallows’ Eve. In other words, there more opportunities to imbibe.

Increased intoxication along with crowded streets, large crowds, and difficult weather are a recipe for disaster.

Drivers Beware

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year, but it can also be one of the most dangerous. Drivers should take time to plan out their activities and stay informed about weather forecasts and advisories from law enforcement about roadblocks or hazards drivers may encounter. It is also crucial that drivers have a designated driver system should they choose to drink on Halloween night.

Accidents can be deadly, and while drivers may do their best to stay safe this season, others may drive recklessly at the risk of others. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, contact Law Offices of Wax & Wax.