CAAA Unveils The Harold W. Wax Outstanding Merit Award


The California Applicants' Attorneys Association has officially unveiled The Harold W. Wax Outstanding Merit Award. The honor, named after our own founding attorney, Harold Wax, will be bestowed to Southern California attorneys who have surpassed the highest professional and ethical standards and made a meaningful contribution to CAAA's efforts.

According to their website, CAAA was "built with the support of its members who recognized the necessity of an active voice for injured workers." Since 1966, the organization has supported injured workers by referring them to trusted counsel or helping the lawyers themselves by providing the knowledge and resources they need to best serve their clients. CAAA also spearheads legislative and regulatory issues within the industry and hosts educational opportunities for employers and employees alike.

Harold Wax once served as president of CAAA and remains active on its Board of Governors. He is also the recipient of the Eugene Marias Lifetime Achievement Award. The Harold W. Wax Outstanding Merit Award will be an annual honor given to attorneys who have provided uncommon support and advocacy for injured workers of Southern California.

Our firm has long been engaged with CAAA leadership. Attorney Alan J. Wax is also on the CAAA's Board of Governors and recently attended the organization's Strategic Planning Meeting in Sacramento. There, Attorney Wax helped plan the organization's efforts and goals for 2016.

Congratulations to Attorney Harold W. Wax for this distinguished and well-earned honor from CAAA. It's difficult to think of a more fitting tribute to the legacy of diligence and compassion Harold Wax continues to build on with his work on behalf of injured workers of California.

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