Burn Injuries & At-Risk Occupations


Work-Related Burn Injuries

Burn injuries require immediate first aid attention and often a visit to the emergency room. Work-related burn injuries can vary in severity and complexity, as well as cause. A severe burn injury may require several surgeries, multiple doctor visits, antibiotics, topical medications, and time away from work. You deserve to receive care and compensation for your injury. If you have suffered a burn injury at work, let our team of workers’ compensation lawyers at the Law Offices of Wax & Wax help you get the settlement you are entitled to. We are experienced with all types of work injury cases and have knowledge of California’s workers’ compensation laws.

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At-Risk Occupations & Types of Burn Injuries

Some occupations are more at-risk than others. These require additional training, precautions and burn-related first aid supplies. The best remedy for at-risk occupations is to be prepared and educated about the risks before they happen. Prevention is key, and quite often, inadequate training can be to blame for injuries.

At-risk occupations include:

  • Oil Rig Work
  • Construction Work
  • Industrial Plant Work
  • Restaurant, Bar or Coffeeshop Work
  • Bakery or Culinary Industry Work
  • Hairdressers
  • Studio Work
  • Cleaning Work, Including Pool Cleaning, House cleaning, etc.

Types of workplace burn injuries include:

  • Thermal Burns: Occurring from open flames or a direct heat source such as a stove, oven, hot liquids, machinery or steam
  • Electrical Burns: Occurring from electric shock or spark
  • Chemical Burns: Occurring from cleansers, solvents or corrosive materials

Glendale Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If you have experienced a burn injury at work and it has required medical attention, you may have a case. Our compassionate and informed lawyers can discuss your workers’ compensation claim with you and determine next steps for seeking a settlement. We understand how traumatic and complex a burn injury can be. Recovery times are long and painful, and doctors’ visits are stressful. Let our Glendale workers’ compensation lawyers take the legal stress off your shoulders.

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