Maximum Medial Improvement (MMI) - What It Means for You


The maximum medical improvement (MMI) is the point at which you have recovered as much as possible from your injuries. All treatment options have been exhausted, and your doctor believes there is nothing left that can help you recover further. This does not necessarily mean you have healed fully from your injuries. You may still be left with residual pain or other symptoms, but there is no medical treatment option left. Your doctor will determine when you have reached the point of MMI.

The MMI Dictates When You Should Receive a Workers’ Comp Settlement

It is important to avoid settling your workers’ comp case until you have reached the MMI. If you settle before you have fully recovered from your injuries, you may be unable to pursue further compensation if the cost of your treatment is higher than expected. Thus, it is important to wait until your doctor has declared you have reached the MMI before accepting a settlement. You may still receive temporary benefits in the meantime, as well as coverage for medical bills and lost wages.

The MMI Dictates How Much You Are Entitled to for Workers’ Comp Benefits

Along with the MMI, your doctor will provide a disability rating. This rating will help the insurance company decide how much compensation you are entitled to, and you may receive permanent disability benefits. On the other hand, the MMI and disability rating will let your employer know what work restrictions you may need. If you are permanently disabled, the insurance company will provide disability benefits through a “final admission of liability” form.

If you have been injured at work, the process to pursue compensation can be difficult and confusing. You have enough stress to deal with. Let our Glendale attorneys handle the legal issues of your case as you heal and move forward. Call the Law Office of Wax & Wax today at (818) 946-0608 to receive a free consultation.

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