Tips to Avoid On-the-Job Car Accidents


Whether you drive heavy trucks at your job, or you are required to make deliveries or run errands as part of your occupation, it is important to take steps to prevent workplace car accidents. Our firm has represented countless clients who have suffered serious injuries from on-the-job car wrecks. We want you to be informed of practical steps you can take to can increase your safety on the road.

In order to avoid an on-the-job car crash, you need to:

  1. Practice defensive driving. The first thing you need to do when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle is to practice defensive driving habits. These involve going a safe and legal speed, scanning your surroundings for obstacles, and exercising caution. You should maintain a buffer distance between your vehicle and other cars around you, and check your mirrors regularly. Furthermore, you should avoid drunk or drowsy driving, and stay alert and focused on the road at all times.
  2. Look in your blind spots. When backing up, changing lanes, or making turns, it is important to always check your blind spots to ensure no one is there. This can help avoid collisions, and increase your safety. Whether you are in a passenger vehicle, a commercial truck, or a company van, it is important to look in your blind spots before making a turn, and to not rely solely on your mirrors.
  3. Abide by federal and state traffic laws. It is also important to follow all traffic laws. You should maintain a legal speed and use your turn signals properly. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the road, and to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes scanning for obstacles. This will help you avoid a crash and increase your safety.

Am I Entitled to Compensation for an On-the-Job Car Accident?

In some situations, you may not be able to receive a workers’ comp settlement for a car crash. For example, if you are injured while driving to or from work, you may not be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. However, if you are making a delivery, picking up supplies for work, transporting another employee, or running an errand for your employer, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation for an accident. You will need to prove that your accident happened while you were performing work duties.

What Is the “Respondeat Superior” Principle?

If you are driving a company vehicle, you have a legal relationship with your employer known as “respondeat superior.” Under this principle, your employer is responsible for any actions you take. If you are involved in a car accident while driving a company vehicle, your employer will be liable to pay for property damage, injuries, and other damages caused by the crash. It must be shown that you were acting within the scope of your employment at the time of the accident.

The Law Offices of Wax & Wax Provides Aggressive Representation to Injured Clients

If you have been injured at work, the Law Offices of Wax & Wax can represent you as you pursue compensation. We will discuss your options, analyze your situation, and guide you through the California legal system. Furthermore, if your claim is denied or disputed, our Glendale workers’ comp attorneys will represent you tenaciously in the appeals process.

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