Do Independent Contractors Qualify for Workers' Compensation?


No matter the industry or workforce, the state of California demands employers protect their employees’ safety and wellbeing while on the job. Injured workers are entitled to financial compensation for their physical and emotional damages, though employers may attempt to shirk this responsibility--even if their negligence or misconduct resulted in injury. Unfortunately, independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, many companies will try to exploit this rule by falsely categorizing employees as independent contractors even when they aren’t.

Am I An Independent Contractor?

Independent contractors are not universally defined, though there are some distinctions the courts consider when making a decision. Employers are not required to uphold the same payroll responsibilities for independent contractors and employees alike. As you can imagine, this is a serious incentive for employers to misclassify employees for their own benefit.

You are not an independent contractor if your employer does the following:

  • Controls the details of your work, including work hours
  • Supplies resources or materials to complete the job
  • Has the right to fire you
  • Pays a wage or salary

Employee protection should be of utmost importance and when it is sacrificed for the benefit of others, the law takes a stand.

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