Workers' Compensation & The Trucking Industry


Trucking is one of the most grueling and exhaustive professions in the workforce. Drivers must skillfully operate large vehicles filled to the brim with cargo while maintaining endurance to travel long distances. The job is incredibly demanding with everyday elements such as dangerous weather conditions and heavy traffic jams, increasing various risks. Truck accidents are vastly more devastating than those involving smaller vehicles, which is why driver responsibility is as serious as life or death.

However, not all accidents are a result of a driver’s negligence or misconduct. Trucking regulation violations may occur due to human error, though sometimes safety standards are compromised for financial gain. Taking shortcuts at the expense of innocent people’s lives is not only immoral, but it is also highly illegal. Sadly, cutting corners is not easily caught nor is it discouraged within the industry.

Common Trucking Violations

Drivers are often first to be blamed even when they are not at fault for an accident. While regulations strictly outline details of what standards must be upheld, issues such as overtime, sick leave, breaks, time off, etc. are most often ignored. Over-exhausted drivers who are forced to complete routes by an impossible deadline are less likely to rest between stops, resulting in devastating consequences.

Another trucking law violation occurs when drivers are not properly protected or warned of the hazardous materials they are transporting. Drivers hauling dangerous cargo must be equipped with the appropriate information, gear, and other safety measures to prevent catastrophe.

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