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Evidence-based treatment guidelines are a crucial aspect of delivering consistent and effective medical care to injured workers. Despite this fact, research has shown there is a significant variation in the specific treatment guidelines adopted and implemented in workers’ compensation systems throughout the United States.

In State Policies on Treatment Guidelines and Utilization Management: A National Inventory, authors Kathryn Mueller, Dongchun Wang, and Randall Lea, M.D. conduct a survey-based study to make a national inventory of medical treatment guidelines and system features. The goal of the research project is to aid in enforcing compliance with medical treatment guidelines across all states.

What Did Researchers Look At?

The study highlighted the following things:

  • Key patterns that appear across state lines
  • Several policy variables that can influence compliance with medical treatment guidelines
  • System features related to medical treatment guidelines, utilization review, and the dispute resolution process

How Will the Research Help Improve Treatment Guidelines & Policies?

Data collected from this study will be used to inform policymakers and stakeholders who are seeking to write better policy and improve delivering medical care to injured workers. More importantly, the research can help enhance the overall function of the workers’ compensation system.

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