Youth Sports Leagues: Coaches and Workers' Comp

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If You Coach Youth Sports and Are Hurt on the Job, Does Workers’ Compensation Apply?

If you coach little league, high school sports, or a private travel team, and you get hurt at an event, will it be covered by workers’ compensation? The question has several answers and depends on your title with the organization. The applicability of workers’ compensation to your injury will depend on if you are a volunteer, independent contractor, or employee with the organization. If you are an employee, then standard workers’ comp would presumably apply. Volunteers are typically ineligible because they are not “working” at these events. The independent contractors are in a grey area, especially since there have been recent changes with independent contractors and employment law.

Because of these complicated factors, if you are hurt while at an event or practice, and you believe workers’ compensation may apply, you need to speak with a qualified and knowledgeable Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer from our team. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Wax & Wax know that each case is unique, and we want you to get the compensation that you are due. We can review your case, determine what applies, and help you work through the legal process.

Independent Contractors and Insurance

If you are working as an independent contractor for a league, private sports association, or high school, there are different rules that apply to insurance. High school sports coaches, officials, and other supervision positions for high school sports are often worked in conjunction with your position elsewhere at the school. If this is the case, your injury is most likely covered by your employer’s compensation plan.

If you are an independent contractor holding your own insurance, it may cover your injuries as well as any incurred by your employees or those who you are providing services. If you are working as an independent contractor for an association (sub-contracted), there are additional stipulations that may apply. In all three cases, it is best to discuss your circumstances and the nature of your accident or injury with an experienced attorney so that you proceed in the best way possible.

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When you are hurt while on the job and it was due to circumstances out of your control, you need to seek the compensation you are due. You should not have to pay out of pocket for your medical bills, lost income, or other injury related expenses. Let our Glendale workers’ compensation attorneys work with you to determine if you can receive a settlement, and if so, receive one that is fair and adequate. Your focus should be on recovery, so leave the legal process to us.

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